May 27, 2022

When You Should Seek a Sports Medicine Specialist

Category: Medical

Unfortunately, injuries are inevitable if you’re an athlete, and effectively dealing with those bumps and bruises can extend your playing days. Understanding when you should seek a sports medicine specialist is a proactive measure that can prevent future complications.

Can’t Put Weight on It

All athletes depend on their bodies to run as close to 100 percent as possible. When they can’t put their full weight on their legs because of a nagging knee soreness or can’t throw the ball properly because of a weak arm, they should schedule a visit to see a sports medicine specialist.

Trying to push through the aches and pains is tempting, especially if there is a huge game or competition on the horizon. However, overextending yourself may lead to a more severe injury. For example, an MCL sprain could result in a complete knee reconstruction if you aren’t careful.

Interferes With Daily Life

Training is one of the most important things in any athlete’s life, but it shouldn’t be the only thing that matters. Most athletes have a traditional nine-to-five day job, and some of those occupations can be physically demanding. Schedule a consultation today if your injury hampers your ability to do your job, prepare a meal at home, or even sleep.

A Possible Fracture

Muscle strains and pulls tend to heal over time naturally, assuming you take it easy. On the other hand, broken bones and fractures need immediate assistance from a sports medicine specialist.

Unusual swelling, discoloration, or numbness is a strong indicator that you may have a fracture. Hopefully, it’s a false alarm, and there is no fracture if you deal with one of those side effects, but a sports medicine specialist will know the verdict.

It’s Getting Worse

It may seem like common sense, but the most obvious reason you should seek a sports medicine specialist is if your condition gets worse. An athlete’s stubbornness is one of their greatest deterrents to healing an injury. The mindset of “it’ll get better in a week” doesn’t work, mainly because that’s hardly ever the case. Listen to your body. Get help at a sports medicine and orthopedic center if it continues getting worse.

Knowing when you should seek a sports medicine specialist can be a difference-maker for your health. ProAm’s sports medical clinch can aid athletes going through rigorous physical therapy and orthopedic care to get them back out there.