April 7, 2022

What You Need To Know About Sports Physical Exams

Category: Health Care

Before participating in sports, you’ll need to get a physical exam to ensure your body is in peak condition. During this appointment, a doctor will evaluate your physical health while looking at your medical history. For more information on this essential step, continue reading this article on what you need to know about sports physical exams.

What Is a Sports Physical?

Sports physicals, also known as preparticipation physical evaluations, are medical exams that most athletes must schedule before the season begins. During this exam, a medical professional will talk to the athlete about their medical history and verify that their body is healthy enough to partake in sports. If you’re a first-time athlete, this exam is especially important to determine whether you can safely participate in sports.

What Does a Sports Physical Entail?

Medical History

The doctor will likely ask about any previous hospitalizations or surgeries, illness, family medical history, and more when discussing your medical history. They’ll also ask if you ever feel dizzy or experience pain during exercise.

Physical Exam

During the physical exam, the doctor will evaluate your:

  • Height and weight
  • Blood pressure and pulse
  • Vision
  • Joints and muscles

Checking these things is an important part of understanding an individual’s physical health. For instance, if you’re underweight or have an irregular heartbeat, participating in sports may not be safe for you.

Why Are Sports Physicals Important?

As we discuss what you need to know about sports physical exams, you should also understand why they’re so essential. A sports physical is important to athletes because it could lead to the discovery of underlying health conditions. A doctor could uncover heart problems, asthma, or other health-related problems the athlete may not be aware of. Detecting issues early is vital so that your doctor can prescribe essential treatment.

Depending on the sport you plan to play, your doctor may also recommend specific stretches or exercises to keep your body in top condition. For example, runners may need to focus on particular leg stretches to lessen the risk of pulling one of these muscles.

Can You Fail a Sports Physical?

Sometimes, a doctor may conclude that it’s not safe for an individual to participate in sports due to health issues. However, this doesn’t always mean you can never join a sport. The doctor may provide you with exercises to improve your health so that you can eventually participate in your sport of choice.

Where Do Athletes Get Sports Physicals?

Your general practitioner can perform your sports physical, and many athletes choose this route because the doctor already knows their medical history. However, you can also go to a sports medicine clinic for this exam. The doctors there have a thorough understanding of athletic health. For instance, you can get your sports physical examination at ProAm to ensure you can safely begin playing sports. Our sports medicine doctors will thoroughly examine you and recommend additional exercises to keep your body well-conditioned. Stay in top condition so that you can focus on your love for sports.