The Football program

Providing our patient athletes with the resources to be proactive with their health, minimizing the chances of injury or illness, and performing at their very best is ProAm’s highest priority.

The Program (Football) is an all-natural vitamin and supplement program specifically designed to provide power sport athletes with a competitive edge and safe alternative to PED’s and other dangerous substances. The desire and hard work is yours but The Program optimizes results and supports your efforts to reach your greatest potential.

We have partnered with Designs for Health, to offer athletes the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade supplements, available only though a qualified medical practice distributor. Consumers and athletes can be assured that all supplements are NSF Certified as well as having the FDA’S GMP status.

ProAm also has the ability to draw lab panels nationwide on our Quest Diagnostics account and develop customized supplementation and nutrition programs around your health goals and fitness objectives no matter where you reside throughout the US.

At our medical practice in Las Vegas, ProAm administers vitamin and supplement injections under careful medical supervision including Amino Acids, B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, CoQ10, as well as IV therapies including NAD and Glutathione.

The Program (Football) has three tiers to fit your goals and budget as follows.


  • Tier 1- Twice weekly vitamin/nutrient injections administered at ProAm
  • Medical and Nutritionist oversight


  • 30 day supply of the highest quality pharmaceutical grade supplements
  • Medical and Nutritionist oversight


  • 30 day supply of the highest quality pharmaceutical grade supplements
  • Monthly lab panel to customize supplementation and nutritional needs
  • Twice weekly vitamin/nutrient injections
  • Medical and Nutritionist oversight

To Sign up for The Program, schedule your initial consultation, and for questions, please email us at:

Vitamin Injections are administered at ProAm Sports Medicine only. Lab panels are taken monthly here at ProAm or Nationwide on our Quest Diagnostics account to determine appropriate levels and address any deficiencies by building customized supplementation programs based on results. The Program is managed and administered by ProAm’s licensed nutritionist Brittany Santangelo and is supported by ProAm’s medical staff.

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Daily-Pre Workout

  • KreAlkalyn Pro- Creatine
  • Amino Acid Supreme™
  • Multi + Phyto am
  • Astaxanthin- am


  • DFS Hydrolyzed Iso-Whey Protein- post-activity
  • Multi + Phyto pm
  • Astaxanthin- pm
  • Adrenal Flow- at dinner
  • Proteolytic Enzymes- 90 min to 2 hours after eating. 3-4 a day

Vitamin Injections

  • Amino Acids- 2 times weekly
  • Vitamin B12- 2 time weekly
  • Vitamin C-1 time weekly
  • Vitamin D- 1 time per month


Creatine Monohydrate – KA Creatine provides muscle strength and power during high intensity activities such as training. KAC assist in short term high intensity performance. KAC can enhance muscle mass over time with consistency. KAC will boost anaerobic capacity, this means mid training it will enhance your body’s ability to produce energy (mid training boost)

It is important when taking KAC that you are well hydrated. Though KAC is something that is naturally occurring in meat such as fish and beef. In order to achieve optimal benefits and to avoid swelling from water retention it is suggested to drink minimum 64oz of water when taking KAC. This 64 oz is in addition to your already in place hydration regime. Dosage- Recommended dose on canister along with Amino Acid Supreme & Multi+Phyto 10-15 min prior to training with minimum 8oz of water.

Amino Acid Supreme – is a powdered supplement that is taken to achieve your bodies optimal level of endurance, performance and an excellent stim free energy source. Dosage- Recommended dose on canister along with Creatine Monohydrate 10-15 min prior to training with minimum 8oz of water

The Multi+Phyto is packed with anti-oxidants which allow for optimal performance and recovery. The anti-oxidants have anti inflammatory benefits which play a role in preventative athletic wellness. The Multi+Phyto also plays a role in cardio-vascular health and improved immune function which is essential in achieving an optimal level of wellness and athletic potential. Dosage- 2 caps with Amino Acid Supreme & Creatine Monohydrate 10-15 min prior to training with minimum 8oz of water


DFS Hydrolyzed Iso-Protein- This is to be taken post activity. Whey Protein helps assist in building muscle, muscle repair and preventing muscle breakdown. It is best to consume with 45min post activity. Dosage- Recommended dose on canister

Astaxanthin- This is a red algae that is a power house in combatting inflammation. It also plays a significant role in eye health. This can be taken with your protein or with a meal. Dosage- 2 caps a day.

Adrenal Flow – Take this with Dinner. This is important because Adrenal health is crucial for athletes due to its impact on performance, recovery, and overall well-being. The adrenal glands are responsible for producing hormones, including cortisol, which plays a vital role in regulating the body’s response to stress such as intense training. We refer to this as favored stress. However as a form of stress it is essential to cover all its needs in what it takes to stay balanced. Dosage- 2 a day with dinner or shortly there after

Amino Acid Synergy Caps – Though the athlete consumes amino acids through the ISO PROTEIN and pre workout stack we implement this as a daily protocol at the end of the day for recovery from the days training and activities. By doing so in combination with ADRENAL FLOW it allows for optimal recovery and preparation for the following day.


Proteolytic EnzymesThese enzymes are crucial in playing a role in joint, muscle, tissue and respiratory health. They are the catalyst in an optimal and speedy recovery to injury. Part of joining that small percent of true elite athleticism is not only performance but how quickly your body recovers and is able to perform at an optimal level once again with out strain or further injury. These powerhouse enzymes also play a very critical role in immune health. Staying healthy without sickly set backs is essential for performance and recovery.

These enzymes must be taken with out food. They can be taken 1 hour prior to eating or 90 min to 2 hours after eating. 3-4 a day is the ideal dosage.

The Benefits of Preventive Anti-Inflammatory Care:

1. Enhanced Recovery: By addressing inflammation before it becomes chronic, athletes can expedite the recovery process, allowing them to return to peak performance levels sooner.

2. Improved Performance: Reducing inflammation promotes better muscle function, joint mobility, and flexibility, leading to improved athletic performance and decreased risk of injuries.

3. Injury Prevention: Long-term inflammation weakens tissues and increases the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Preventive antiinflammatory care can help mitigate these risks and ensure athletes can stay active and injury-free.


The injections bypass the digestive system and provide a more direct benefit because it is directly absorbed into the cells and tissues.

2 times weekly Amino Acids – Though Amino acids are taken orally twice daily as maintenance we incorporate the injections combined with the oral Amino acid protocol allows for the body to get exactly what it needs for energy and recovery.

2 times weekly B-12 – Increased energy levels- assisting in converting food to energyRed blood cell production-carrying oxygen through the body (recovery, cardio-vascular) Brain function- memory, focus, mood enhancement

1 time weeklyVitamin C– Vitamin C works alongside Vitamin D and is essential for immune health. This is key to being able to perform at an elite level by maintaining a strong the adrenal system.

1 time per month Vitamin D – Vitamin D is essential for immune health. This is key to being able to perform at an elite level by maintaining a strong the adrenal system.

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