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Injuries can occur during a match or while you train, and depending on the extent of your injury, it may require some physical therapy for proper healing.

Injuries like an Achilles tear can feel painful and prevent you from partaking in athletics for a bit. But you can get top-of-the-line sports physical therapy in Las Vegas at PRO-AM! One of our experts will diagnose your injury and give you the best treatment plan as you begin healing.

After an injury, you may have to attend physical therapy to regain the strength you lost while recovering, and our therapists create the best treatment plans. When athletes use our athletic care physical therapy program, we ensure they are completely pain-free and back to normal by the end.

Continuing workouts or physical activity while injured is dangerous and could worsen things. Physical therapy can help strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility and balance, which—combined with skill—will improve your overall performance. Plus, this helps your cardio fitness since your workout routine likely changes during the recovery process. Rather than rush things, we move at the pace the athlete needs.

When you book an appointment at our facility, you’ll sit with medical professionals who have easy access to imaging, labs, and any other testing they may need to evaluate your condition thoroughly. Thanks to our expedited injury treatment, you won’t have to sit around waiting for referrals and visits. Instead, you can begin physical therapy as soon as possible with a proper treatment plan.