Before participating in certain sports, you may need to receive a physical to ensure your body is healthy.

Some individuals have underlying health conditions that could make participating in sports dangerous if left untreated. Book a sports physical in Las Vegas at PRO-AM to ensure you are physically fit and ready to go.

At your pre-participation physical exam, the doctor will ask about your family history. For example, they’ll ask whether illness runs in your family, if you’ve had surgery, if you have allergies, and more. Additionally, they’ll have to gather information on your medical history, including how you feel while working out—if you feel faint, for instance— what injuries you’ve encountered, and if you take any medications.

Gathering information on an athlete’s medical history is vital, as these factors clue the doctor into any risks you may encounter while competing. A sports medicine doctor may also ask about your family medical history to rule out whether you could have inherited anything that could impair your performance.

Sports physical examination services also include a physical test where the doctor monitors your heart rate, height, weight, and many of the other factors you may have evaluated during an annual physical. The difference is that a sports medicine doctor checks these things to ensure you are fit to compete. Sometimes, a sports medicine professional will discuss diet, especially with female athletes since excessive training can negatively impact hormonal levels.

These sports physical exams are vital to every athlete since they ensure your body is capable of handling vigorous activity, so answer all questions honestly. Additionally, your doctor may have beneficial tips to keep your body strong while you train.