Injuries can occur in every sport, but with the proper treatment, you can get back to doing what you love.

PRO-AM has sports injury doctors in Las Vegas to help diagnose and treat your injury. Do you have concerns about receiving treatment because you don’t have insurance? Don’t stress! PRO-AM offers reduced cash pay rates because we believe every athlete deserves the appropriate medical care for fractures, dislocations, sprains, and other sports-related injuries.

You can get a complete physical or neurological exam or lab work when you come into our medical center. We also offer physical therapy, performance labs, and more to ensure a proper diagnosis and treatment.

An untreated sports injury can be dangerous, especially if you continue your athletic lifestyle without seeing a professional. As a revolutionary sports injury clinic in Las Vegas, our professionals will diagnose and treat your sports injury. Once we’ve evaluated your injury and done any required imaging, our professionals can create a treatment and rehabilitation process that prioritizes both health and performance.

Thanks to our expedited injury treatment, you’ll begin your journey in no time, which means less time waiting around for a doctor’s appointment and a faster recovery time. How do we do this? Prioritized appointments; and with the help of our mobile app, patients can begin the treatment process as soon as possible.

We also offer physical therapy, which may be necessary to further treat your sports-related injury. Quit waiting around for your doctor’s appointment; instead, get top-of-the-line treatment from professional sports injury doctors at PRO-AM. Our professionals ensure that the type of treatment you receive best corresponds with your sports-related injury.