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October 25, 2022

ProAm Sports Medicine Launches Next Generation Training and Treatment Complex in Las Vegas

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ProAm Sports Medicine Launches Next Generation Training and Treatment Complex – Debuts Revolutionary Injury Healthcare Service

Committed to “Championship Medical Treatment for ALL,” the practice introduces a new concept, Expedited Injury Treatment, located in a new complex alongside a renowned partner.
Syndicate MMA Gym


December 9, 2021 – Las Vegas – ProAm Sports Medicine (formerly Athlete Advantage Medical), a leading medical provider for professional, amateur, and recreational athletes, launches a revolutionary new concept in healthcare – Expedited Injury Treatment, as the practice expands to a new location in Las Vegas. To serve local athletes of all levels, ProAm has partnered with Syndicate MMA Gym to form a next-generation complex for training, medical treatment, physical therapy, performance development, and more.

The new facility is a unique endeavor, envisioned by ProAm founder and CEO James Murphy, making it easier for athletes to obtain thorough, groundbreaking injury treatment and physical therapy next to a world-class MMA gym that will now also feature boxing.

“When I realized the burden fighters face in fulfilling medical test requirements before each competition, it became logical for me to help make the task easier by consolidating the process and creating a nationwide network of medical providers. From there, we expanded the practice’s services, adding injury treatment for athletes of any sport,” said Murphy. “Now we are, what I like to call, a next-generation training and treatment complex that works with all types of athletes who understand that the best care and conditioning can only be provided by medical practitioners who understand athletes and their lifestyles.”

With Expedited Injury Treatment, ProAm has revolutionized the injury treatment process by consolidating evaluations, referrals, and office visits to dramatically reduce the time it takes to receive appropriate care and ensure patients do not “fall through the cracks” of the often complicated and disjointed medical and insurance process. Through ProAm’s automated website and telemedicine component, patients are able to begin the scheduling and treatment evaluation process immediately.

The medical practice also performs physical exams, neurological exams, complete lab work, EKGs, X-rays, and stem cell treatment, as well as performance labs and VO2 Max testing to determine each athlete’s specific aerobic conditioning and capabilities. Offering pre-competition medicals through ProAm’s Medical Treatment Network, the practice serves as one point of contact to schedule and complete all state-required medicals and medical suspension clearances. ProAm works with all major fight promotions, including UFC, Bellator, PFL, Top Rank, PBC, Mayweather, and Golden Boy, as well as many local and regional promotions throughout the U.S. These services are available at its medical practice in Las Vegas and scheduled nationwide through its network of dedicated medical providers.

ProAm produces complete training programs specific to each athlete’s sport and abilities for ensuring optimal fitness and peak performance, including nutrition and sport-specific mechanics. At Syndicate MMA Gym, the complex features a world-renowned training center known for the development of high-profile professional and amateur MMA athletes, with public and private lessons in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Conditioning, and Mixed Martial Arts for athletes of all ages. The gym recently expanded by doubling the size of its existing facility to merge the worlds of MMA and Boxing, incorporating a state-of-art strength & conditioning area to provide one of the most comprehensive training centers for all Combat Sports athletes. Professional boxer Shane Mosley Jr. recently joined the Syndicate team as a boxing instructor, where he will be overseeing individual boxing instruction as well as daily boxing classes for both professional boxers and amateur athletes.

To accommodate these expanded services, ProAm Sports Medicine has relocated to newly constructed offices at 6315 South Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89118, next to Syndicate MMA. The training facility, gym, and physical therapy are now all under one roof.

The days of running all around town and waiting for doctor’s appointments are over. Our injury treatment facility and referral network eliminates that process and consolidates treatment in an efficient and effective manner, with the focus being on providing a “customer service” approach to medical treatment and helping injured athletes get better and back to their peak physical health faster.”


About ProAm Sports Medicine

ProAm Sports Medicine (formerly Athlete Advantage Medical) is a leading medical provider for professional, amateur, and recreational athletes. ProAm provides world-class medical care, including COVID-19 testing, pre-fight medical exams for combat sports athletes, expedited injury treatment, physical therapy, and improved performance resources at their state-of-the-art medical practice and training facility.

The practice, whose motto is “Championship Medical Treatment for ALL,” provides athletes of all levels with top-of-the-line medical treatment and services from an exclusive network of dedicated medical providers and resources both locally and nationwide, through a ground-breaking process that accelerates injury treatment and eliminates delays, getting patient athletes back to their full potential as quickly as possible.

ProAm Sports Medicine is also one of the nation’s leading providers of COVID-19 testing around live audience sports and entertainment, corporate trade shows and conventions, and education, providing all necessary testing resources combined with technology to ensure the health and safety of all.

Most medical insurance policies are accepted. For more information, visit or follow @proammedicallv on Facebook or @proammedical on Instagram. Email or call (800) 674-9515 for an appointment.


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