July 8, 2021

ProAm Sports Medicine Leads Sports and Entertainment Industries Back to Live Events With Rapid PCR COVID Testing

Category: Health Care, Medical

Nevada’s largest sports medicine practice uses industry leader Thermo Fisher’s Accula System to provide large-scale, highly-accurate RT/PCR results within 30 minutes

ProAm Sports Medicine (ProAm), Nevada’s largest sports medicine practice and one of the nation’s leading COVID-19 testing providers in sports and entertainment, is providing rapid testing services for Combat sports athletes and others to allow for the successful and safe return to life events.

The sports medicine clinic has traveled the country in recent months administering Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.’s Accula System prior to live events to ensure the safety of all entertainers and their teams and event staff. ProAm has provided COVID-19 testing solutions to some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, including UFC, Miss Universe, NCAA, and Showtime, obtaining highly-accurate results within 30 minutes.

“When the COVID-19 pandemic began, we knew we had to shift our medical services towards testing in order to help our clients continue to produce events,” said ProAm Sports Medicine Chief Executive Officer James Murphy. “We provided nationwide coverage, no matter the event location, with testing resources and medical personnel and were directly responsible for combat sport events being able to be the first of the professional sports to begin holding events once again. For many athletes and their fans, the continuation of Combat sporting events provided a sense of normalcy which was missing during the pandemic.”

The previous testing required a quarantine period while waiting on samples to be processed at a lab and limited its practical usage on event day or within tight event schedules. Thermo Fisher’s Accula Rapid RT/PCR test allows ProAm to incorporate RT/PCR testing into all required testing windows, with results in 30 minutes and no quarantine period.

ProAm provides complete COVID testing solutions nationwide, specific to the event and venue to ensure the health and safety of talent, working in a coordinated effort with event production and venue management. Through its partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific, ProAm produces and manages effective “Bubbles” surrounding sports and entertainment events, specific to each event and location, ensuring the health and safety of talent, production, and live audience, working in a coordinated manner with event production and venue management. Individuals in the Bubble are then tested in zones, ensuring that talent and all hands needed to execute a safe show are healthy.

Multiple Bubbles can be established around an event to include the venue backstage, performance/competition areas, and within the host location. Event personnel participating in the testing program with Bubble access include promotion and production, media, talent, VIP, security, and select hotel and venue staff. It is imperative that talent have a safe and healthy environment to perform; ProAm provides that environment specific to each event and venue.

Within the Bubble, sub-zones can be created based on the proximity and contact of personnel to talent. Worn credentials or wristbands identify zone access. A typical testing scenario would include daily testing within a designated area, with Zone A personnel, those closest to talent and of high priority, being tested using RT/PCR, Zone B personnel tested using RT/PCR for the first test, and Rapid Antigen testing for daily follow up testing, and Zone C personnel tested once on event day using either RT/PCR or Rapid Antigen.

ProAm Sports Medicine’s event medicine goes beyond live entertainment venue COVID testing. The company also provides every athlete, from the weekend warrior to world champions, the very best in medical care. The team at ProAm Sports Medicine expedites the entire injury treatment process through their network of dedicated medical providers. All focused on getting their patient athletes back to 100 percent and to their full potential as quickly as possible. When having injuries treated by the ProAm Sports Medicine team, injured parties can have the majority of their care, from diagnosis to treatment and beyond, managed by the ProAm team.

“Our objective at ProAm is to revolutionize injury treatment using the very best medical resources and physicians in an expedited manner, turning what used to take weeks into days, helping our patient athletes to get back to doing what they love, injury free and at their full potential,” said Murphy. “Testing is just one facet of everything we do, and COVID has produced an emphasis on Event Medicine, with ProAm being the one of the leading provider throughout the US. Our business has been built as a way to standardize the care for athletes and entertainers following an injury. Testing, examinations, surgery, preventative care and post-surgical therapy are all part of our efforts to make sure the show goes on.”


ProAm Sports Medicine, a premier provider of event testing services, sports medical examinations and injury treatment provides a variety of medical services for live entertainment venues and athletes of all ages and skills. ProAm Sports Medicine oversees the entire treatment process for athletes and provides performance-based training and resources for injury prevention and achieving maximum athletic potential. For more information about ProAm Sports Medicine, contact James Murphy at 800-674-9515 or visit