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High-impact sports that involve running, jumping, or even twisting may sometimes result in knee pain or injury.

This could mean taking a brief break from your athletic lifestyle, and while that may sound anything but pleasurable, it gets you back on your feet faster. Continuing athletics despite an injury could worsen the injury or cause other conditions to develop, which will leave you laid up for longer while recovering. Instead, receive treatment from a knee surgeon in Las Vegas at PRO-AM.

Often, you can detect a knee injury if you have extensive pain in your knee or kneecap, experience severe swelling or bruising, or are unable to bend or straighten your knee. Sometimes these injuries occur due to a tear along a tendon—such as an ACL tear—but these could also occur due to fracture or a sprain. Our knee surgeons can answer any questions you may have, ensuring you are fully comfortable with the available treatment options.

As you seek out a knee specialist in Las Vegas, visit a doctor at PRO-AM. When you make an appointment with us, you’ll pair up with an orthopedic professional who will help you explore your avenues for a complete recovery. We offer common treatments, such as physical therapy and surgery, plus revolutionary methods, like stem cell injections. In addition, our orthopedic specialists will evaluate your injury’s severity before walking you through the ideal treatment plan.

At our facility, you can also receive a physical exam as well as performance labs with a healthcare professional by your side throughout your recovery. This means you can expect better performance and a professionally created treatment plan. Recovery can be challenging, but when you pair physical therapy with the treatment plan advised by your PRO-AM medical professional, you’ll be back on the road to competing and feeling stronger than before!