An ankle injury can drastically impair an athlete’s ability to perform, especially if you push your body too far.

Our foot and ankle specialists in Las Vegas take a hands-on approach with athletes and provide the best treatment. We work with every type of athlete, from weekend runners to world-class seasoned boxers. Our ground-breaking process eliminates the need for delays and various referrals so that athletes can focus on healing rather than waiting.

Sprains, strains, and fractures can all occur during various sports, and sometimes this can feel quite painful. Depending on the type of sport you play when this happens, the reason behind it can vary, but all causes have similar symptoms. You may notice pain, swelling, or bruising, and you may even struggle to walk. If you see any of this after a sports injury, remember to rest and schedule an appointment with a sports medicine specialist.

Injuries to the foot and ankle area may require an appointment with an orthopedic plus some physical therapy. At PRO-AM, you can do all of that in a single facility. We prioritize the well-being of every athlete, so if you can’t get a referral from insurance, we offer reduced cash pay rates.

As foot and ankle specialists, our providers will evaluate your injury and go through all necessary treatment. At PRO-AM, you can focus on rebuilding your strength alongside a professional, so you can get back to where you were.

These sports physical exams are vital to every athlete since they ensure your body is capable of handling vigorous activity, so answer all questions honestly. Additionally, your doctor may have beneficial tips to keep your body strong while you train.