COVID-19 Testing & Vaccination Services

ProAm has established relationships with labs around the country, and with the personnel, technology, and resources to provide large-scale onsite testing around major sports, entertainment, and corporate events including the UFC, Miss Universe, Hewlett Packard, and US Ski and Snowboard. ProAm does the COVID Rapid Antigen testing in your hotel room via telemedicine by a healthcare professional and test result report provided for only $45.

Our partnership with Thermo Fisher and their Accula COVID testing system allows us to bring the lab to remote locations and provide accurate RT/PCR results in ½ and hour.

Nationwide – pre-travel or other quick result needs

Nationwide At-Home results within 24-48 hours. For pre-travel or as needed at-home testing, Onsiteable overnight ships nationwide either a Rapid Antigen or RT/PCR test kit, schedules and completes testing with our medical personnel through ZOOM, handles return shipping to the lab, and reports result within 24-48 hours.

Rates $150 RT/PCR  $125 Rapid Antigen