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December 20, 2021

Case Study: How to reopen doors for sports and entertainment during the pandemic

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ProAm founder and CEO James Murphy shares insight into how they put COVID-19 testing front and center to make live events a pandemic reality.

Live events are back: A case study on how to reopen doors for sports and entertainment during the pandemic

When the world came to a standstill in March 2020 and organizers were forced to cancel events abruptly, millions of disappointed fans were left with tickets to nowhere. Beyond canceled plans, the shutdown also meant athletes, performers, production staff, and the many others who keep the sports and entertainment industries running were suddenly out of work. An option to safely gather in groups became the key to getting fans back in their seats and players back in the game.

ProAm Sports Medicine — backed by established experience in coordinating medical services for combat sports and performing sports exams— recognized this critical need and quickly rose to the occasion by pivoting its focus to COVID-19 testing. Here, ProAm founder and CEO James Murphy share insight into how they put COVID-19 testing front and center to make live events a pandemic reality.

Letting people in and keeping the virus out

When much of the world was still in lockdown, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) organization successfully hosted a live event, welcoming spectators to the first major mixed martial arts gathering since COVID-19 had caused widespread cancellations just months earlier. As a long-time UFC partner, ProAm immediately recognized an opportunity to build on the UFC’s strategy, emulating their model around the pre-event screening of athletes, employees, and attendees using a spectrum of test options. This systematic approach created a pandemic-safe space, or “bubble,” to bring audiences back to other combat sports.

Once ProAm got to work, their sports physical exams and testing efficiency, and focus on safety quickly set the stage for expansion into a spectrum of industries. In addition to athletics, they now provide comprehensive group testing services for conventions and tradeshows, entertainment and production companies, the Miss Universe pageant, and more. While these efforts have remained instrumental to continuing live events during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the success came with complex challenges to navigate along the way.

Lab-based testing for large events comes with limitations

With the accuracy of results a top priority, ProAm initially relied heavily on lab-based PCR testing, the gold standard for COVID-19 identification.

While effective, scaling lab-based PCR testing to serve large crowds across the country proved to be less than seamless. As testing volume increased, differences in lab performance introduced a range of problems. According to James,

“The labs were the big factor that decided whether or not we had a successful or a problematic testing site around an event. If they didn’t perform properly, everything went out of whack.”

Result turnaround time was variable, and findings were sometimes inconclusive, both of which caused unexpected delays and chaos that threatened event success. Without results, everything came to a halt — production staff couldn’t work, and athletes couldn’t train.

Waiting on lab results also introduced financial implications. To ensure the return of results by the event go time, many attendees had to arrive earlier than would typically be necessary to get tested and quarantine overnight while tests were processed. Coordinating these early arrivals and providing the necessary accommodations significantly increased event costs.

Rapid RT-PCR. A welcome addition to the team

Lab-based PCR provided the initial key to opening venue doors, but when James learned a reliable rapid RT-PCR test for COVID-19 that didn’t require lab processing was available, ProAm’s job got much easier. James explains, “When the Accula test came into the picture, we saw it immediately as a game changer in that we didn’t have to rely on the lab anymore primarily. We were able to take control of that process ourselves and create the lab where we were.”

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Accula SARS_CoV-2 Test is a rapid RT-PCR test with a low limit of detection (LoD)*, authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for emergency use in CLIA-waived environments. When ProAm started using these tests to supplement both lab-based PCR and antigen screening, they were able to increase testing efficiency and reduce turnaround times without compromising result reliability. In fact, the Accula SARS COV 2 Test provided results in ~30 minutes, comparable to the turnaround time for rapid antigen tests but with greater accuracy.

The organizations that ProAm supports have loved using the Accula SARS CoV-2 Test as well. “The most important factor was the accuracy of the test. Number two was convenience. Having both of those made it a no-brainer to incorporate Accula tests as the primary means of testing,” says James. Relying on a rapid PCR test proved particularly useful for athletes traveling internationally, with many countries requiring a negative PCR result for entry. “From our experience, we’ve tested hundreds of athletes around the world, and none of them have had a problem getting back into the country.” The Accula System uses a small docking station that is easily plugged into the wall or a power strip, allowing for multiple docks to connect to just one outlet. This option has made it possible for ProAm to screen and process thousands of tests over the course of several days. And while training on how to operate the system and properly load samples is important in ensuring the platform operates effectively and efficiently, in ProAm’s experience, this process can easily be managed by people without prior clinical lab experience.

Because of the high volumes and tight timelines, a rapid RT-PCR option meets the unique needs of live event COVID-19 screening. “So many variables involved with other test modalities can be bypassed with the Accula test,” James reiterates. “I can’t emphasize enough how much easier the process has become and how difficult it was.”Given the high demand for COVID-19 testing, ProAm recently launched a parent company, OnSiteAble, that also provides drive-thru and employer testing. For more information on the growing range of services offered by ProAm, please visit their website. Many schools, pharmacies, urgent care clinics, and event providers are turning to rapid PCR, given its convenience and sensitivity. To learn more, visit our Accula SARS-CoV-2 Test page or contact us to request a quote.

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