ProAm Sports Medicine, also known as Athlete Advantage Medical, is one of the nation’s most dynamic sports medicine practices, treating patients from the Heavyweight Champion of the World and Miss Universe to recreational tennis players. We are the leading provider of sports medicine, urgent care, pre-competition medicals, and COVID-19 testing.

The practice, whose motto is “Championship Medical Treatment for ALL,” provides athletes of all levels with top-of-the-line medical treatment and services from an exclusive network of dedicated medical providers and resources both locally and nationwide, through a ground-breaking process that accelerates injury treatment and eliminates delays, getting patient athletes back to their full potential as quickly as possible.


Meet the minds behind ProAm Sports Medicine.

James Murphy, CEO

As ProAm’s CEO, James is no stranger to the physical demands that athletics can place on you. He served in the US Army’s 2/75 Ranger Battalion and competed as a professional triathlete. What motivates him is redefining sports medicine and shifting the focus from how insurance companies can profit to how individuals can be better served.

Dr. Jaimee Imperial, MD, Medical Director & Internal Medicine Physician

Medical Director for ProAm Sports Medicine, Dr. Jaimee Imperial is an Internal Medicine Physician with over seven years of experience. She was born and raised in the Philippines and attended the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery in Manila, Philippines. She relocated to Las Vegas in 2019 where she attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to complete her residency in Internal Medicine at the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine.

Dr. Joseph E. Indrieri, MSPT, DPT, cert SMT, cert CCM, dip Osteopractic, Head of Physical Therapy

As the Head of Physical Therapy at ProAm, Dr. Joseph E. Indrieri has over 20 years of personal and clinical experience. He is an evidence-based practitioner versed in osteopathic manipulation of the spine. With his experience in combat and contact sports, he's developed a strong interest in treating head injuries and has become a leader in the field of head injury and post-concussion syndrome in the rehabilitation setting.