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June 17, 2022

5 Key Benefits of Physical Exams in Boxing

Category: Health Care

It’s easy to assume nothing is physically wrong if you’re asymptomatic. However, an underlying condition may be lurking without your knowledge, putting you in danger if it goes undetected. Finding and dealing with these complications is one of the key benefits of getting a physical exam in boxing.

Find Underlying Conditions

Due to the specialized nature of sports physicals, health practitioners may detect health-related concerns that will put you at risk if you compete. For example, doctors may discover something with your heart, brain, or muscles that you didn’t realize; this could prevent you from handling boxing’s tough demands.

When medical doctors are aware of these concerns, they may suggest the degree of physical activity you should participate in, make expert referrals if required, or record the issue and monitor it.

In boxing, it’s paramount that you know what’s precisely going on with your body because you need to defend yourself. Repeated blows to the head, even with headgear, would have reprehensible damage, particularly if your brain isn’t at 100 percent.

Sets Your Baselines

Getting a sports physical examination sets the standard for your current health condition, letting you know what is going well and what needs work. Regardless of where you go for the checkup, a doctor will monitor your health status, blood pressure, weight, etc.

Additionally, these exams let you know if past injuries are healing as expected. You don’t want to fully ramp up training if things are worsening, especially for how much conditioning matters for the sweet science.

Receive Expert Opinions

If you have a history of certain injuries like muscle strains or back spasms, your healthcare professional may recommend a certain regimen to reduce its chances. They will know the best lifting and stretching exercises to try, or they can recommend PPE to wear in the ring.

Furthermore, they could propose dietary regimens for athletes that help them move up or down a weight class, whichever the case may be.

Building Trust With Your Doctor

One key aspect of having a sports physical test is that you get the privilege of knowing your doctor. Developing that rapport is crucial, particularly if you plan on training and competing year-round. You want someone you can count on if something begins to flare up. If you don’t have a good relationship with your doctor, it may not be easy to squeeze in an appointment on short notice.

To See the Results

Finally, one vital component of why physical examinations are helpful is that it gives you a chance to update your doctor and discuss any ongoing treatment. You don’t want to guess how you’re doing—you must know. You get to see your progress, and it gives you an opportunity to alter your ways if you’re not seeing the results you desire.

The benefits of physical exams in boxing keep you in peak condition when you step into the ring. ProAm Sports Medicine provides individualized therapy alternatives to get you back on your feet if you’re out of commission. We provide a variety of therapies, ranging from physical therapy to orthopedic care. Visit us today to start your road to recovery!