June 6, 2022

5 Effective Ways To Relieve Aches and Pains

Category: Health Care

Muscle soreness can impair your range of motion, and if you’re an athlete who’s always on the go, this is anything but good. Often, soreness occurs after an intense workout as your body works to repair itself. Try out these effective ways to relieve aches and pains resulting from sports the next time your body is in a bit of discomfort.

Go for a Walk

Exercising when you feel sore may sound odd, but walking is low impact, so it’s a great way to keep oxygen flowing throughout the body. This can also loosen up any lactic acid that has built up in your muscles. Just remember not to overdo it; your walk should be at a leisurely pace.


Stretching is another great exercise that helps the body relax and alleviates pain. Sometimes your muscles tense up, and by stretching, you allow them to return to their natural form, which will ease that achy feeling. Consider different stretches such as:

  • Hip extensions
  • Lying knee twist
  • Knee to chest

These will loosen up those tight muscles while improving your range of motion, which can prevent pain in the future.

Do Warm-Ups and Cooldowns

Warm-up exercises are still important, and they can reduce feelings of soreness as you prepare your muscles for the activity you’re about to do. Additionally, remember to stretch once you’ve finished a workout—but not before. By stretching before a workout, you may tire your muscles, negatively affecting your athletic performance or even leading to sports injuries.

Use a Foam Roller

Another effective way to relieve aches and pains and relax the muscles is to use a foam roller. For example, if your IT bands feel tight, then rest the outside of your thigh on the roller and slowly move your body back and forth. This allows the roller to move across the muscle group in a way that’s like a massage.

See an Expert

Sometimes, making an appointment with a sports medicine doctor is best, especially if the pain is constant. A specialist can detect any underlying problems and design an exercise plan that works for your body.

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