We offer medical solutions to athletes, high-profile performers, and corporations.

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ProAm Sports Medicine offers sports medicine in Las Vegas to athletes of all ages and abilities.

Our motto is “Championship Medical Treatment for All.” We offer unique treatment options that’ll get you back on your feet! We provide various types of treatments, ranging from physical therapy to orthopedic care, so you can receive help no matter what kind of injury you encounter.

As a sports medicine and orthopedic center, the extensive medical and athletic experience of our team members allows us to properly examine and diagnose any issues you may have. We pride ourselves on helping athletes remain healthy, and our medical staff provides the very best care. For sports medicine in Las Vegas, visit PRO-AM.

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ProAm has redefined injury treatment through a groundbreaking process that eliminates delays and is carefully managed by ProAm's Treatment Counselors who follow and expedite the patient’s care from start to finish. We provide our athlete patients with all the treatment options, both surgical and non-surgical, including Orthopedic, Chiropractic, as well as in-house Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation performed at our state of the art facility.


ProAm started out as Athlete Advantage Medical 2018 and quickly became the leading provider of state athletic commission required pre fight medicals for Professional boxing and MMA athletes. Our extensive nationwide network includes 100’s of medical providers and resources including Lab Corp and Concentra, dedicated to providing our combat sports athletes and fight promotions with expedited exam services, all scheduled by ProAm.


ProAm is equally committed to injury prevention and has performance improvement through science and medicine. We have assembled extensive and effective resources in science and medicine with an emphasis on recovery, strength, and conditioning. No matter how hard an athlete trains or their desire to succeed, without proper recovery, athletic performance will plateau before beginning to decline; but with proper training and resources, an athlete ‘s conditioning and performance will see gradual increases while minimizing the risk of injury.


ProAm has been on the forefront since the beginning of the COVID pandemic of providing remote COVID testing services and resources around live and televised sports and entertainment events as well as providing corporations and trade shows with safe work environments. ProAm operates in this space as our sister company, combining FDA/EUA testing methods with our dedicated medical personnel and our proprietary state of the art tech platform. ProAm also offers vaccination services at our medical practice as well as remotely for employers.